CP Operating Regulations

Chapter 1: General Provisions

  • Article 1 [Purpose]
    • This regulation stipulates the basic standards and procedures to be followed in order to comply with the Competition Law in the performance of its duties by employees, and aims to ensure transparency and fairness of management through compliance with these regulations.
  • Article 2 [Scope]
    • These regulations apply to all business activities of all employees and fair transactions of the Company.
  • Article 3 [Definition of Terms]
    • These regulations apply to all business activities of all employees and fair transactions of the Company.
      1. "Compliance" refers to meeting the requirements of the competition in the laws and regulations related to the competition applicable to the company.
      2. "Competition Law" refers to all domestic laws and regulations designed to promote competition such as the Fair Trade Act and the Subcontracting Act and to maintain fair trade order.
      3. "Competition authority" is the government agency responsible for the enforcement of competition laws and refers to the Fair Trade Commission in Korea.
      4. The "Compliance Program" is a set of action elements and action plans to implement compliance in a concrete way.
      5. "Compliance Manager" refers to the person who oversees the operation of the Compliance Program.
      6. "Compliance Officer" refers to the department that is in charge of practical affairs in operating the Compliance Program and assisting the compliance manager.
      7. "Compliance Officer" refers to a person who is in charge of voluntary compliance affairs of his / her department by assisting his department head.
      8. "Employee" means any person who belongs to the Company and who is delegated, managed or supervised by the Company, regardless of whether it is a regular or non-regular employee, contracted person, or temporary employee.

Chapter 2 Organizational Structure and Work Discipline

Section 1 Compliance Officer

  • Article 4 [Appointment of Compliance Officer]
    • ① The company shall appoint a compliance manager on the recommendation of the CEO to establish a compliance program and operate it efficiently.
  • Article 5 [Duties of Compliance Officer]
    • ① The company shall appoint a compliance manager on the recommendation of the CEO to establish a compliance program and operate it efficiently.
      • 1. Operation and Management of Compliance Program
      • 2. Planning related to compliance
      • 3. Consideration of sanctions against violators of competition law
      • 4. Representative director reporting on activities and matters related to compliance
    • ② The specific duties of the Compliance Officer shall be as prescribed by the Fair Trade Compliance Operational Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines").
  • Article 6 [Authority of Compliance Manager]
    • ① The authority of the compliance officer is as follows.
      • 1. Inspection and Investigation of Compliance Status
      • 2. Ability to investigate and report violations of competition law and violations
      • 3. Right to correct and improve the violation of competition law
    • ② The specific powers of the Compliance Officer and the procedures for their exercise shall be as prescribed in the Guidelines.

Section 2 Compliance Office

  • Article 7 [Establishment of the Compliance Bureau]
    • In order to assist the compliance officer in his / her duties, the Compliance Officer directly under the compliance manager is appointed.
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  • Article 8 [Duties of the Compliance Bureau]
    • The tasks of the Compliance Office are as follows.
    • 1. Work assistant of Compliance Officer
    • 2. Handling practical issues in the operation of compliance program
    • 3. Support activities such as legal counseling on the compliance of each department of the company
  • Article 9 [Activities and Activities of the Compliance Officer]
    • ① The authority of the compliance officer is as follows.
      • 1. Checking the status of maintenance of internal regulations and changes in day-to-day affairs according to changes in laws, regulations.
      • 2. Checking for violation of competition law related to departmental work based on checklist of fair trade compliance manual
      • 3. Competition Law and Compliance System Affiliated Department Staff Training and Consultation
      • 4. Report on Compliance Compliance Violations
      • 5. Record and maintain the contents of items 1 to 4.
    • ② The Compliance Officer shall submit the results of the implementation of paragraphs 1 to 4 to the Compliance Office.

Section 3 Employees

  • Article 10 [Duties of Employees]
    • ① All employees must comply with competition laws.
    • ② Employees should, in principle, be advised or agreed by the Compliance Office when it is determined that there is a possibility of violation of the competition law in relation to the performance of the business. Specific procedures and standards related to the compliance of laws and regulations by business sector are as stipulated by the Guidelines, the Company's legal regulations, and the Fair Trade Compliance Manual.

Chapter 3 Operation of Compliance Program

Section 1 Declaration of Compliance

  • Article 11 [Purpose of Declaration]
    • ① The CEO shall declare his will to comply with the competition law to ensure compliance with the competition law and actively comply with compliance regulations.
  • Article 12 [Declaration Method]
    • The voluntary compliance obligation of the CEO shall be expressed in an official document so that it is communicated to the employees of the company.

Section 2 Fair Trade Compliance Handbook

  • Article 13 [Self-Compliance Manual]
    • Compliance officers should prepare the Compliance Handbook of Compliance, a detailed guideline for complying with the Competition Law, and distribute them to all employees.

Section 3 Penalties for Violation of Competition Law

  • Article 14 [Principle of Sanctions]
    • ① Employees who are involved in the performance of the Company 's business should, in principle, be punished if they violate the matters related to the Competition Act.
    • ② The Compliance Officer shall take the countermeasures corresponding to the degree of violation for the offenders detected as a result of the Competition Law compliance check, but shall comply with the provisions of the Personnel Regulations and the Employment Regulations.
  • Article 15 [Procedures of Sanctions]
    • Compliance officer shall report the violation person to the representative director in case of violation as a result of checking compliance with competition law.

Section 4 Document Management

  • Article 16 [Basic principles of document management]
    • Basic documents on compliance should be classified and maintained under the responsibility of the compliance officer.
    • Documents judged to be legally important should be thoroughly prepared and stored so that they can be used as evidence in the future.
    • Documents about compliance activities should be accurately recorded and kept up-to-date.
  • Article 17 [Managed Documents]
    • The main management documents related to the competition law are as follows.
      • 1. Declaration and Notice of CEO's voluntary compliance
      • 2. Provisional Documents for Compliance Officer
      • 3. Fair Trade Compliance Manual and Distribution Proof Document
      • 4. Document related to internal supervision activities
      • 5. Documentation of sanctions against competitors violators
      • 6. Compliance Report
      • 7. Other data reported or submitted to the FTC

Section 5 Miscellaneous

  • Article 18 [Enactment / Revision]
    • The enactment and amendment of these regulations shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
    • Rules and manuals established for the performance of the company's business shall be prepared and operated on the basis of these regulations.
  • Article 19 [Disclosure of Operations]
    • The Compliance Officer shall disclose the compliance status of the Compliance Program on its homepage.
  • Article 20 [Delegation]
    • Compliance officers may separately establish and operate details for efficient and smooth operation of these regulations.


Section 1 Declaration of Compliance

  • Article 1 [Implementation Period]
    • This regulation will be effective from July 28, 2011.
  • Article 2 [Relation with Other Rules in the Company
    • Compliance regulations take precedence over other regulations in the company.