NYCO CP Operation System


Compliance Committee

  • Function
    • Review of important issues of the Compliance Program and consultation with Compliance Officer
    • Each committee member shall carry out a self-check on the violation of the relevant division
    • Coordination among related departments
  • Configuration

Fair Trade Practice Leader

  • Purpose of Operation
    • Department-specific personnel who support the Fair Trade Compliance Program duties practically
    • Improved efficiency of operation of the Compliance Committee through this and fair trade compliance mindset
  • Role
    • Supporting voluntary compliance activities of the Compliance Committee
    • Education, counseling, and consultation on fair trade in the department
    • All departmental autonomous inspection activities
  • Configuration
    • Support: Planning Strategy Group Head
    • Sales: Sales group manager
    • Purchase: Sales group manager (Purchasing manager)
    • Production: Pohang / Gwangyang Production Group Head

Reporting Process


Self-check system

  • What is fair trade self-check?
    • Prevention of legal violations using Check List Preventing the violation of the law by allowing the loggers and practitioners to inspect the violation of the Fair Trade Act by themselves.