CP Introduction

On the occasion of the introduction of Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP) ...

Employees The recent growth of large companies and SMEs is an important issue. The growth of co-operative growth will be driven by the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are partners, as well as the country's competitiveness. As a partnership between POSCO and POSCO Family Companies, which has gained a reputation as one of the best companies in the domestic CP market in the era of mutual growth, we must also strive for cooperation and mutual growth.

By adopting the fair trade compliance program in 2011, we will contribute to building a fair society by fulfilling our social responsibilities and ensuring fair trade culture and trading order in our company and related industries through legal compliance.

If you violate the laws and regulations related to fair trade, there will be damages of type and intangibles to our company including corporate punishment and employee sanctions as well as a large amount of penalties and criminal law. In particular, the Fair Trade Compliance Handbook provides a detailed introduction of what acts in our business activities violate the Fair Trade Act and Subcontract Act.

I believe that the compliance program to be introduced this time will be an opportunity to protect and develop mutual relations with large corporations with which we have business relationship. All employees are advised to read this manual to look at their daily work and to prevent legal violations.

2011. 4. 27