Code of Ethics Announcement

NYCO will apply the ethical standards of society to corporate activities, and establish a corporate culture that earns trust and respect to fulfill our role as a sound corporate citizen.

Now we are living in an era of infinite competition and uncertainty. In order to survive in such a fierce management environment, continuous self-reflection and innovation of individuals as well as corporations are needed more than ever. To be truly respected and respected by customers, we need to build a reasonable institutional system that fits our company's corporate structure and to foster a corporate ethic.

Non-ethical companies that pursue only profits with non-transparent and irregular management activities are no longer able to survive in the market and are completely ignored and vanished. Corporate ethics is the quality of the company, and it is the source of corporate competitiveness. Recent changes in the domestic and overseas environment are demanding a higher level of business ethics. Now, we need to make our company a higher quality company by raising our thinking and behavior values to the level that our customers recognize.

The new Code of Ethics today is a value judgment and minimum standard of conduct that all members of our NYCO must observe and follow in their daily work as well as in the conduct of their work. When we all follow and practice our Code of Conduct, NYCO will become a superior company that is truly trusted and respected. Dear Employees, Let us all strive together to create the best company that respects the ethics code.