Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Transactions with Customers

  • Adhere to sound and fair trade order.
  • Ensure that all transactions are mutually respectful and equitably fair.
  • Contributes to customer profitability through fair competition in the market.
  • Limit transactions with companies that have illegal activities such as tax evasion, accounting fraud and environmental pollution.
Code of Conduct

Conflicts of Interest

  • Do not engage in unfair practices with stakeholders in relation to their work.
  • Do not make money bills or solicitations that may interfere with the conduct of legitimate business with stakeholders.
  • Do not offer or accept any money or bills except for ordinary souvenirs and gifts.
  • Do not provide or receive entertainments or accommodations that exceed the normal level, and inevitable actions should not be prohibited by the recipient's regulations.
  • The congratulatory events may not be notified to stakeholders who may affect their work
Code of Conduct

Protection of Company Assets

  • Do not take personal advantage of the company's assets or information.
  • Use the Company's important internal information to ensure that you or others do not gain unfair advantage.
  • Budgetary resources should be efficiently implemented from the perspective of a sincere manager.
  • Do not use the company's fixtures, facilities, etc. for purposes not directly related to the company's business.
Code of Conduct

Information Protection and Share

  • Protect important information about the company and share useful information.
  • You must protect your company's private and sensitive information.
  • Deliver critical information to people who need it as soon as they are aware.
  • Do not distort information or spread false information.
Code of Conduct

Humanity Respect

  • Create a culture of mutual trust and respect.
  • Do not engage in verbal, physical, or visual behavior that offends others, including sexual harassment that violates an individual's human rights.
  • Respect individual privacy and do not slander or harm others.
  • Create an organizational atmosphere that eliminates the walls between organizations and cooperates with each other.
  • Comply with safety regulations and take appropriate action as soon as possible. Separate criteria can be set if necessary.
Code of Conduct

Environment Protection

  • Work in a safe manner that minimizes environmental impact.
  • Seek environmental protection in all business activities of product development, production, distribution, sales and disposal.
  • Participate actively in environmental pollution prevention activities such as minimizing the generation of harmful substances, efficient use of resources, and seeking recycling.
Code of Conduct

Compliance with Code of Ethics

  • Establish a corporate culture that practices ethical norms.
  • The Code of Ethics should be strictly observed together as a basis for action and value judgment.
  • If you know that you or someone else's conduct is in violation of the Code of Ethics, you should notify your supervisor.
  • The Company shall protect and not impose disadvantages on the person who reported the above facts.
  • Separate criteria can be set as necessary for efficient operation of the code of ethics.