Sustainable Energy


Sustainable Energy

NYCO develops sustainable energy to preserve the environment and save energy. The project consists of 2 fields. One is to maximize energy efficiency and minimize air pollution. The other is to improve the growth of animals and plants and to better water quality by increasing Oxygen density and forming micro bubbles.

Sustainable Energy

Emulsion Device

Emulsion Device purifies pollutants combusted from Industrial Boilers and Boilers on ships.
It processes Low-quality oil and results in enhancing the combustion efficiency and cutting down on fuel cost. The device is an Eco-friendly combustion auxiliary equipment enabling the recycling of used oil and burning liquid waste without causing any pollutants.

  • Installation is simple and requires a small space.(Normal Installation takes about 4 hours)
  • Reliable under the control of micro-computer (No need of operator)
  • No need of Emulsifier
  • Stable supply of Emulsion Oil due to In-line type of Emulsion
  • Automatic control of water supply in higher proportion to oil consumption
  • Alteration can be made by simple control under water density 0~30% even while boiler’s on
  • Combustion device can still run even in the case of the system’s breakdown or pause
  • Repair is available even during the running of boiler or combustion device.
  • Various models are optional depending on oil consumption.
Sustainable Energy

Oxygenated water maker

At room temperature, Dissolved oxygen is 7ppm in tap water, 4ppm in groundwater and 9ppm in surface water. Oxygenated water maker adds extra oxygen into water and stably increases its oxygen density to make oxygenated water.
Likewise, oxygenated water increases the growth of plants, fish and animals by 10% - 20%. Moreover it can strengthen their immune system against disease. In recent days, oxygenated water is applied to various fields like cleaning, bath and cosmetics in keeping with eco-friendly trend and its effect proves real by many examples.